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Charles Long


Born in USA, 1969

1992 Bachelorate Fine Arts, University of Tennessee

I have always loved drawing my entire life. My mother told me I could draw before I started to walk. I am a Illustrator/Graphic Designer with 22 years experience. Starting as a traditionally trained illustrator in various media during the early 1990’s, I transitioned to digital media in 1993. After seeing  Jurassic Park at the movies and seeing the TRex chase after everybody, I new I had to learn what 3D was all about and how I could use it in illustration.

​I am a 3d illustrator doing various types of illustration. Editorial, advertising, branding, character design, concept art, scientific and historical. The software I use is ZBrush, Modo, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects. I love being able to turn someone's initial concept into a visible reality.


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